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Party food! Popcorn bar how-to

You and your besties have agreed on a movie and snuggled up in your sleeping bags. But there’s one thing left—a movie night’s best friend—popcorn. Swap your usual buttered or plain pops for yummy salty-sweet combos with a kick. You’ve gotta try these simple snack recipes. The girls won’t get enough.


Rocky Road

Chocolate chips, almonds and marshmallows give the popcorn mix a nutty, chewy and chocolaty taste.


Get Crabby

A Baltimore favorite, Old Bay tastes delicious on just about everything! This spicy sprinkle adds an unexpected can’t-get-enough taste to popcorn.



Just after you pop the popcorn, spill the warm kernels onto a cookie sheet. Drizzle melted chocolate and caramel over top of the popcorn, spilling a little bit of sweetness onto each bite. Let the caramel and chocolate cool a bit (so it’s not too sticky), and prepare for some salty-sweet gooeyness.


Just a Dash

Sprinkle salt and pepper over the bowl to taste. It’s amazing what a little bit of added flavor does to our fave movie snack!



Marshmallows, broken graham cracker pieces, and chocolate chunks create a tossed-s’mores effect. Mixed in with popcorn, and your movie night will feel like a BFF camping trip.


Go Nuts

Combine a quarter-cup of peanut butter and a quarter-cup of maple syrup. Microwave the mixture until it’s almost bubbling, and stir. Drizzle the peanut butter syrup over the popcorn, and toss in pecans and peanuts for a sugary, nutty taste.


Cookie Crumble

Drop your favorite cookies in a zip-lock bag. We suggest Oreos, chocolate chip and snickerdoodles. Seal the bag tightly, then crunch the cookies into pieces with your hands. (Tip: Try not to turn them all into crumbs!) Pour the cookie crumble over fresh popcorn, and you’ll enjoy a mix of each in every handful.


Which popcorn masterpiece will you create for the next sleepover? We want to know what sounds the yummiest to you.



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BY CAROLINE CASSARD ON 8/25/2013 1:23:00 PM


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