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5 fun ways to wear a white tank for BTS



There are certain pieces that every girl should have on hand, and a white tank is one of them. A basic white tank goes with absolutely everything and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. If you’re looking for a little convincing, we’ve got some very compelling evidence coming your way…


  • 0whitetank.jpg

    The tank used for all looks:


    Solid Basic Vest, $12, topshop.com

  • 1whitetank.jpg

    Touch of tribal

    Tribal is a must-try trend, especially when it comes to jewelry and shoes. They’re the perfect accents to spice up a white tank and printed pants combo.


    Linen Chinos, $30, hm.com

    New Look Stone Set on Cord Necklace, $15, asos.com

    Sandals, $25, hm.com

  • 2whitetank.jpg

    Denim dash

    Wearing denim and a white tee is a classic look, but ditch your dreary old jeans for a super cute overall dress for an outfit that is unique to you!


    MOTO Acid Denim Pini Dress, $76, topshop.com

    Critter Sweet Tan Wallet, $21, lulus.com

    City Classified Graben Tan Leopard Print Cutout Oxford Flat, $24, lulus.com

    Savvy Idol Sunglasses, $12, urbanog.com

  • 3whitetank.jpg

    Neon brights

    Neon glows even brighter when worn with a white tee. A touch of highlighter hues makes for the perfect BTS outfit.


    Summer Dusk Necklace, $15, urbanog.com

    Converse High Top Washed Neon, $55, delias.com

    Number Bodycon Mini, $45, topshop.com

  • 4whitetank.jpg

    Maxi skirt

    Pastels and floral prints give your white tank a flirty, feminine feel. Bring brown ankle boots into the mix to add in a touch of toughness.


    Floral Skull Infinity Scarf, $13, buckle.com

    Women Draped Maxi Skirt, $10, uniqlo.com

    Faux Suede Chelsea Boots, $35, forever21.com

    Oversized Metallic Trim Shades, $6, charlotterusse.com

  • 5whitetank.jpg

    Naturally nautical

    A white tank looks adorable with a pair of high-waisted sailor shorts. Complement the gold buttons on the shorts with a chunky gold necklace for insta-chic.


    High-Waisted Sailor Shorts, $18, forever21.com

    Popcorn Chain-Link Necklace, $9, forever21.com

    Promise Picken Black Gold-Plated Wedge Sandals, $31, lulus.com

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