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How to play nice after a breakup



No one likes a break up, no matter which side you’re on. All of the fighting and hurt feelings cause drama for more than just the two of you. Make it easier on everyone around you and use some of our tips for how to play nice, even when it seems impossible.


If you want to stay friends without getting attached again…

Take it slow, chica. It’s almost impossible to go from dating someone to thinking of them only as a friend in a couple of days. If ya wanna stay friends, invite him out when you’re hanging with your crew so you don’t have to see him one-on-one all the time. After awhile, you two may be able to chat like ya used to, but keep the late night messages and “thinking of you” texts to a minimum—they can make you forget why you broke up in the first place.


If he’s being a jerk, and you’re so over it...

The best thing you can do here is let him vent—he’s probably just hurting and doesn’t know how to express it. No need to be a doormat. If he’s spreading rumors or picking on you, ask him to stop and set the record straight. Just make sure you’re doing it without adding anything nasty to the gossip mill. Once he realizes it’s not getting a rise out of you, he’ll figure out another way to deal.


If you two have mutual friends, but didn’t have a mutual breakup…

Don’t make your buds pick sides in a messy break up. If you have the same friend group, pull him aside and agree to a truce: you won’t talk smack about him to your friends if he promises the same. Both of you will want to keep your friendships, so even though it may be tough not to roll your eyes when he’s acting like a total jerk, keeping your friends happy will be worth it.


If he’s showing off his new GF, and you just broke up a week ago…

It may seem impossible not to start accusing him of cheating on you, but once you break up, you don’t get a say in who he dates. Keep your accusations to yourself and be as friendly as ever to his new girlfriend. It may be tough, but you don’t want him pickin’ fights when you find a new guy.



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