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Fight the future with Love in the Time of Global Warming

Looking to get out of town this month? Francesca Lia Block’s new novel, Love in the Time of Global Warming, takes us on a futuristic journey that has our hearts racing. This is one read you’ll definitely want to check out.


In a near futuristic world, where sunscreen is required if you plan on leaving the house, genetically modified foods are making everyone sick, and even the air is unsafe to breathe. Penelope (Pen for short) never thought she’d lose all her loved ones to an unexpected earthquake instead of environmental health hazards. But it happened.


Despite the story’s dark beginning, 17-year-old Pen embarks on an epic journey to replace the love that she has lo­st. Amid the debris in Pen’s suddenly lonely city of Los Angeles, she is able to dig through the dirt and figure out where life will lead her without her best friends and family right by her side.

Francesca Lia Block, author of Weetzie Bat, delivers another thrilling novel about self-discovery and our environment. But in this new book, Pen is about to face more than loneliness and natural disaster. Similar to Odysseus in Homer’s The Odyssey, Pen crosses paths with a scary Cyclops, questionable giants and friendly elves. Each chapter connects Pen with another stranger—good or bad—and eventually she will join Ez, Ash and Hex on a road trip-like journey, finding one guy who might be able to bring some joy back into her life. 


Be sure to pick up a copy of Love in the Time of Global Warming (in stores now), then come back and share your thoughts.


Grab the book here!


Who do you hope to see Pen meet during her journey? Share in the comments below.



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