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So cute! How to nail the geek chic trend

We know you’ve been miserable all summer, eagerly awaiting your fave classes to start up again. Okay, maybe not so much. Still, there’s a definite buzz around the start of school, when everyone’s fresh and pumped for the new year. This fall, show off your excitement with some geek chic outfits sure to show your teachers how much you just can’t wait to dive into that pile of homework they’re handin’ out. 



  • 1classstyle.jpg

    Scientific stylista

    People think that science can’t be girly—prove them wrong with a super cute galaxy print skirt and some cute, colorful shoes. Slip into a white blazer for a fun nod to a lab coat that won’t cramp your style.


    Supernova Twirl Skirt, $33, modcloth.com

    Short Jacket, $40, hm.com

    Cap Sleeve Core Tee, $10, target.com

    Mix No. 6 Stride Flat, $35, dsw.com

    Moon & Star Wrap Ring, $10, nordstrom.com

  • 2classstyle.jpg

    Fluent fashionista

    Learning a new language can be tough, but channeling your inner Parisian can make it a bit easier to get the hang of it. A flirty lace dress and a cute sweater with a foreign phrase will get you excited to learn the lingo and ace your test, plus you’ll do it all looking très chic.


    Sparkle & Fade Phrase Sweater, $49, urbanoutfitters.com

    Lace Peter Pan Collar Fit & Flare Dress, $25, target.com

    ‘Milten’ Loafer, $41, nordstrom.com

    Blue La La Necklace, $14, modcloth.com

    Pretty Bow Bracelet Cuff, $8, wetseal.com

  • 3classstyle.jpg

    Literary looker

    Graphic tees can be awesome ways to show off your favorite band or cartoon, but rockin’ one with your fave book cover on it takes your outfit to a whole new level. Bonus points if you can work some deets from the novel into your outfit, like a cool ‘20s style headband or over the top glitz from The Great Gatsby


    The Great Gastby (First Edition), $28, outofprintclothing.com

    Jayden Low Rise Skinny Jeans, $47, delias.com

    Madden Girl Trrevor Oxford Flat, $40, dsw.com

    Braided Chain Headwrap Duo, $8, charlotterusse.com

    Miranda’s Emerald Green Cubic Zirconia Cocktail Ring, $40, fantasyjewelrybox.com

  • 4classstyle.jpg

    Musical maven

    If you get more excited for artsy classes than your regular ones, you should definitely show off your creativity in your look. A splash of color with some glitz will look cool and creative, but keep the focus on something that really shows where your heart is.


    Music Note Heart Tee, $20, delias.com

    Stila Lip & Cheek Stain, $24, sephora.com

    Rose Gold Glitter Women’s Classics, $54, toms.com

    Goody-Gold Drops Studded Black Shorts, $49, lulus.com

    Jemma Open Ruched Pocket Blazer, $30, boohoo.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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