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The key to winning a costume contest? Start here, right now!

Halloween is a ways away, but if you have your eye on the top prize at a costume contest, well, you better start prepping your killer costume as soon as you can. Get ready to wow pretty much everyone with a little help from our contest-winning tip guide. Read on...then start making room on your bookshelf for that trophy, babe.


#1 You don't have to be one-of-a-kind...

...But if you're gonna be a witch, you have to be the best witch. Whether it's a beautiful costume, truly terrifying makeup or a gimmick that sets you apart, your run-of-the-mill costume needs something special about it to take first place. Consider playing with words ("Witch of Blackbird Pond Scum, anyone?"), making your costume out of crazy materials or taking on a character you can really play to the hilt.


#2 Wanna be famous?

The key to being recognizable as a celeb look-alike is to pick one characteristic, physical or otherwise, and to nail it. Think: Snooki's bump, The Queen's wave, Shaggy's voice. Start practicing now to get it just right.


#3 Give yourself some brainstorming time

Often, our first ideas aren't our best ones. While being Walking Dead Barbie might seem awesome today, by Sunday, you might be feeling seriously ho-hum about the whole zombie thing. Starting your prep process early gives you time to let those ideas percolate...and to weed out the ones that are less than stellar before the big night.  


#4 Pairing up? Do it fast

Because really, you don't want to be planning on being a tricycle only to find out one of your two besties is playing Pebbles to her boyfriend's Bam Bam instead. Ask 'em now--and if they're not as into the Halloween thing as you are, keep your tone silly and self-deprecating: "I know it's super early, but I want our costume to be amazing this year. Want to double up?"


#5 Be ridiculous

Seriously, when else are you gonna pull out your best Count Chocula voice and go to town? If you're worried about everyone else's reaction, well, stop worrying. The more enthusiasm and confidence you inject into your performance, the more appreciative ad impressed your audience will be.



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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 9/18/2013 12:00:00 AM


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