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Drama Club, here we come! Theatrical music videos we heart



Sure, school is just starting, but fall musical auditions are right around the corner. You’ve rehearsed your solo in the shower for weeks, recited your monologue in front of the whole fam, and now there’s one thing left: tackling a dance number. Who isn’t in need of some theatrical inspiration? Dance masters Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera and more deliver so much energy in their music vids that they’re sure to lend you some talent for a center stage debut. Bravo! 


“Dog Days Are Over” – Florence + the Machine

Face paint, flowing costumes and whimsical interpretive dance moves make this vid opening night-worthy. Florence Welch creates a funky mix of music and theater.



“Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga

Coffins, masks, mummy-like dance moves—we’d love to see a Gaga-inspired musical complete with masks, monster dances and a strawberry puff of pink hair. Who wouldn’t want the Lady herself to choreograph their school musical?



“Ways to Go” – Grouplove

Put on your skeleton costume (or Hawaiian shirt) with Grouplove as you dance through the hallways with confidence before your acting debut.



“Countdown” – Beyoncé

As Queen B shows us, it’s all in the facial expressions. Paint on your makeup, flutter your lashes and bring killer dance moves to your next audition.



“Night by Night” - Chromeo

NYC ballet? Broadway? Even in an abandoned warehouse, the city of opportunity is ready for a theatrical dance-off. Get your game face off, because you’re going to score a leading role.



“Hurt” – Christina Aguilera

Meet Christina backstage of the 1920s circus as she belts it out in a sparkling outfit, complete with a feather headdress. Prepare yourself for crowd control—everyone will want an autograph after your performance, too.



Which music vid is stage-worthy? Will you be auditioning for a school musical this year? Share in the comments below.



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