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7 ways to decorate with bumper stickers, no car required

Bumper stickers always catch our eye, whether we notice them in traffic or in our favorite surf shops. Luckily, you don’t have to drive a car to decorate with fun stickers. Check out our 7 crafty ideas for everyday items where you can stick those stickers.


Stick to your binder. Be sure to label the subjects and keep the inside organized- but the outside is meant to be shown off. Get excited for class by collaging the outside. If you want to change up the look, peel them off and redesign.


Customize your water bottle. Is your water bottle all scratched up? Instead of buying a new one (they’re supposed to be reusable!), cover the outside in bumper stickers. If you ever misplace it, you’ll recognize your personalized water bottle in the lost and found.


Let your phone do the talking. With a basic case, the back is a clean slate. Get creative and post a few small stickers on the outside. You’ll be able to spot your phone in your purse in no time.


Line your mirror. Line the contour of your mirror in fun bumper stickers. They’ll stick to the glass just like on a car window. Every time you look in the mirror, you’ll be framed by a colorful border.


Give your laptop a lift. Switch up the laptop case and switch up the stickers. Every time you’re typing away (or surfing around), you’ll get to show off the outer shell to the world. (Helpful hint: Make sure you put the stickers on upside down so that when you lift the lid, they’re right-side up.)


Create a collage. Posting bumper stickers directly onto your wall can ruin the paint. Instead, stick them on poster board or paper and hang the collage on your bedroom wall.


Decorate your desk. Coat your desk in a collage of glossy stickers for a laminated, smooth exterior with attitude. Goodbye, boring surfaces!


Where will you stick your favorite bumper stickers? We want to know how you’re crafting.



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