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Heart-wrenching football flicks to make you love the sport even more

Are you a football diehard with season tickets and an unending supply of jerseys? Lucky for you, the NFL season is officially starting up tonight! No matter which team you root for—or even if you’re not into field goals and touchdowns at all—there’s a football movie out there for you to enjoy. With themes of teamwork, family and morals, these flicks hit close to the heart. Check out our ultimate Football Films List to carry you through the season below.



  • 1RememberTitans.jpg

    Remember the Titans

    A classic, this film is watchable over and over again. We love the pulse-quickening games captured on film and the friendships that unfold at an unlikely high school in Alabama. Not to mention the soundtrack—so inspirational!

  • 2BlindSide.jpg

    The Blind Side

    This heartwarming film about family, perseverance and acceptance is based on the life of Baltimore Ravens’ player Michael Oher. Watch this flick and feel uplifted. No matter where you come from, you can be whoever you want to be.

  • 3GamePlan.jpg

    The Game Plan

    NFL quarterback Joe Kingman’s world is flipped upside-down in a whirl of ballerina pink when the daughter he never knew he had shows up at his door. As the perfect father-daughter film, this funny flick will get any football guy in touch with his feminine side.

  • 4WeAreMarshall.jpg

    We Are Marshall

    Drama only begins to describe this movie about a high school football team’s recovery after a brutal plane crash. Grab the tissues, because this one will def make you tear up.

  • 5Radio.jpg


    This movie was inspired by a profile article about Radio, a man with a passion for football. Watch to see how the real-life story went down as the team struggles to learn how to accept one another’s differences.

  • 6Leatherheads.jpg


    Like many sports movies, Leatherheads is based on historic events. Travel back in time to 1925 when football was just getting started. In this film, a pro football player recruits an impressive college kid to join the pros and rescue the league.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg



Which football flick will you switch on this week? And which team are you rooting for this season? Share in the comments below.



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