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Trends we heart: Army strong

When you think camo and combat boots, “glam” may not be the first word to pop into your head, but that’s all about to change! This fall, take military inspired looks to a whole new level with these stylish options. 


  • 1camo.jpg

    We all know a denim jacket is a great fall accessory, so take yours to the next level with a bold camo print.


    Camo Print Denim Jacket, $35, forever21.com

  • 2camo.jpg

    Even though these wedges seem pretty bold on their own, they’ll look great with another bold item, like colored jeans in oxblood or burnt orange.


    Soda Pager-S Camoflage Lace Up Wedge Bootie, $33, urbanog.com

  • 3camo.jpg

    Try a silky shirtdress in army green if you’re looking for a girly way to rock this trend.


    AE Studded Shirt Dress, $25, ae.com

  • 4camo.jpg

    Not all camo pants are baggy. These skinnies would look great with a chambray top and some glam jewelry.


    Camo Pocket Skinny Pants, $25, loveculture.com

  • 5camo.jpg

    You don’t have to stick to the neutrals to be military inspired. This bright camo print scarf breaks the mold and looks fab.


    Camo Scarf, $30, gap.com

  • 6camo.jpg

    Camo and leather go together like bread and butter. Rock them at once with this mini and a plain white tee. 


    BDG Vegan Leather-Trim Camo Mini Skirt, $30, urbanoutfitters.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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