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Throw a fiesta-themed bash (because, why not?)

Take advantage of Mr. Sun still hangin’ around—and a little inspo from the USA’s south-of-the-boarder buddy: Mexico! The country’s filled with colorful culture and knows how to do festive fabulously. This weekend, create some classically Mexican memories with your BFFs!


Rattling RSVP

The days of boring invites are over! Shake it up with a more musical message. Write the party info on a small piece of construction paper. Then poke a small hole in the note, pull a ribbon through and tie it to the handle of a mini maraca. The invite will have your guests pumped before the party even begins.


Beat for treat

No fiesta would be complete without this go-to Mexican game! Pick up a piñata at your local party store. Secure it to your fave backyard tree, blindfold your besties with colorful bandanas, and take turns swinging at the sweets. You can award the final smacker a special prize, but hey, when candy’s raining from the sky, everybody wins!


Make-your-own Mexican meal

Not only are tacos delish, but they’re also the perfect food for personalizing. Set up a selection of tortillas, fillings and toppings for a DIY dish. Line up your guests and dig in! Put out patterned plates and colorful napkins for an authentic atmosphere.


Festive favors

For an awesome activity that’s so Spanish, give each gal at your bash a sombrero to bedazzle. Decorate the hats with ribbons, jewels, puffy paint, or whatever goodies you gather from around the house. When the crafting is complete, everyone will have their own piece of the party to take home.



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BY JULIE HARANS ON 9/13/2013 7:28:00 PM


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