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Our latest obsession: Bow accessories

What funky hair accessories are in this fall? Bows! Yep, bows are back and we’re so excited to wear them with everything. Beyond the basic ribbon, bows have been revamped to add a girly edge to your look, meaning you can wear them in more ways than you could ever imagine.  



  • 1bow.jpg
    In the mix

    If you wanna sweeten up a simple look or to add some glam to a night time pick, bows on bands, as clips, or as tie-ins are just the thing for you. GL cover girl Little Mix’s Jade is a huge fan and is bringing back bows with a bang.

  • 2bow.jpg

    Wow the crowd

    Wear this oversided bow with confidence in a side pony or with your hair down for a gorgeous ‘do.


    Johnny Loves Rosie Tartan Print Bow, $18, asos.com


  • 3bow.jpg

    Small but sweet

    These dainty bow studs are just what you need for a cute and not too OTT daytime look.


    Dainty Bow Studs, $3, forever21.com

  • 4bow.jpg

    Bowed over

    A shiny hair clip is just the thing to tie off your side braid, trust.


    Polka Dot Bow Hair Clips, $3, forever21.com

  • 5bow.jpg

    Crazy cool

    Brighten up your day, girly style, with this major bow beanie. So cute with a denim jacket and printed skirt.


    Net Bow Beanie, $24, topshop.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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