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Style 911: Rock black jeans all week long!

Denim is a wardrobe staple, but why stick with boring blues? Spice up your closet this fall with dark black jeans. They’re cute and versatile—we’ll show ya how to wear ’em tonsa ways.



  • 1blackjeans.jpg


    Give those jeans a rock ‘n’ roll edge by wearing a tank top and tying a plaid flannel around your waist. Simple and chic.


    Jeans: Skinny Low Jeans, $10,

    Tank: Viscose Top, $35,

    Flannel Shirt: Women's Oxbow Lodge Plaid Flannel Shirt Jac, $35,

    Boots: Distressed Lace-Up Combat Bootie, $40,

  • 2blackjeans.jpg


    Go preppy for day two with a pastel sweater and luxe riding boots. Pin your hair back with a girly bow for a show-stopping finish.


    Jeans: Skinny Low Jeans, $10,

    Sweater: Purple Geometric Hollow-out Round Neck Blend Sweater, $30,

    Boots: Women’s Merona Magaska Riding Boot, $45,

    Bow: Large Black Hair Bow, $4,

  • 3blackjeans.jpg


    Get some mid-week structure with a sophisticated blouse, artsy bag and quirky shoes. Navy blue totally works with black, and a splash of orange keeps things fresh.


    Jeans: Skinny Low Jeans, $10,

    Top: Babydoll Neck Pleated Blouse, $45,

    Bag: Shoulder Bag, $25,

    Shoes: Asos Format Leather Flat Sandals, $37,

    Bracelet: Alfani Bracelet—Silver-Tone Link Ring Bangle Bracelet, $28,

  • 4blackjeans.jpg


    Add some punch with a neon pink tee—the perf canvas for an adorable statement necklace.


    Jeans: Skinny Low Jeans, $10,

    Top: Merona Women’s Scoop Neck Chiffon Blouse, $20,

    Shoes: Women’s Pointed-Toe Flats, $23,

    Necklace: Asos Statement Leaf Collar Necklace, $30,

  • 5blackjeans.jpg


    Keep your cool with a sleeveless moto vest. Feeling soft ‘n’ sweet? This poem scarf was made for you, babe.


    Jeans: Skinny Low Jeans, $10,

    Vest: Faux Leather Moto Vest, $48,

    Shirt: Aerie Cozy Crew Neck, $35,

    Scarf: Hello Poem Snood, $36,

    Shoes: Volcom Get Ready Women’s Sandals, $48,

  • 6blackjeans.jpg


    Pull out your good ol' floral top…we could all use a reminder of summer. If ya get chilly, a denim jacket always looks amazing.


    Jeans: Skinny Low Jeans, $10,

    Top: Floral Print Top, $36,

    Shoes: Fuchsia Basket Weave Sandals, $15,

    Bag: Merona Saddle Crossbody, $23,

  • 7blackjeans.jpg


    Lazy Sundays are great for lounging—a comfy tee and warm parka are sure to keep ya cozy all day.


    Jeans: Skinny Low Jeans, $10,

    Top: Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Raglan Baseball Tee, $12,

    Jacket: Parka, $50,

    Boots: Women’s Merona Zan Pattern Rainboot, $33,

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