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18 dares to take you through fall

Think your fall is gonna be all work and no play? Sure, you're back at school, but that doesn't mean autumn's gonna be stacked with books instead of your sweeties. We've got a pile of dares for you to try this season, both solo and with your friends. What are you waiting for? Get movin'! 


Challenge your crush to a corn maze competition. Whoever gets to the finish line first buys a round of hot cocoa!


Go door to door in your neighborhood and see if you can rake leaves--for donations. All proceeds go to your favorite charity.


Wear your favorite shorts to a party, paired with a slightly translucent pair of tights and killer booties. So fashion forward.


Spearhead your class' school spirit week effort, and go hog-wild with the face paint and crazy clothes.


Challenge your cousins to a pie-baking contest using old family recipes.


Channel Texas A&M's 12th Man rep at your school's next big rivalry game. Wear comfy shoes, 'cause you'll be standing all game long.


Raid the attic for one of Mom's old favorite fall pieces, and pair it with one of your old for a fresh mix of vintage and modern fashion.


Pick the hardest design out of a pumpkin carving pattern book and rock it out.


Build a gingerbread house in the style of Hansel and Gretel's witch. Creepy candy, chica!


As Halloween approaches, vamp up your makeup in tribute. Think: scarlet lips and smoky eyes.


Pop in a seriously scary movie at your next sleepover. Last girl watching gets a sweet treat.


Dip your own candy and caramel apples, then decorate them especially for your best friends. Talk about a seriously delish party dish!


Got a carnival nearby? Visit the haunted house.


Master Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance--with all your buds, of course.


Set up an impromptu photobooth in your room and craft funny disguises. Snap pics with you and your sweeties.


Tell a truly scary story like a master storyteller. Preferably around a fire.


Decorate plain pillow cases in preparation for trick-or-treating on Halloween.


And the day after, volunteer as a local church to clean up an old graveyard. 




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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 9/22/2013 1:00:00 AM


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