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Find your best Homecoming dress under $30

Out of ideas for what to rock at the big Homecoming dance? These fab frocks will get you on the best dressed list. And no worries—you don’t have to see your money go down the drain, ‘cause these are super affordable (all under $30!).  



  • 1homecomingdress.jpg

    Missin’ the beach babe

    If ya love the beach more than anything, try a turquoise strapless peplum dress. The sea-worthy color works with super breezy beach hair, pink lipstick, a cool belt and metallic strappy heels.


    Strapless Lace Peplum Dress, $20, forever21.com

  • 2homecomingdress.jpg

    True romantic

    If your go-to shoe is a pair of pink heels, opt for a pink chiffon mini dress. It’s romantic and girly, and can be mixed easily with shiny shoes and a pearl headband. 


    Dolly & Delicious Bright Pink Lace Chiffon Dress, $29, newlook.com

  • 3homecomingdress.jpg

    Modern gal

    Can’t live without your chunky shoes and leather skinnies? The mod look is truly your thing. This hip black and white striped dress will go perfectly with a geometric clutch, cute black wedges and red lipstick.


    Jersey Dress, on sale for $5 (!), hm.com

  • 4homecomingdress.jpg

    Pretty preppy

    Prefer the classics over something trendy? You’re gonna love this preppy red lace dress, which can be paired with a glam statement necklace and open-toe pumps.


    Merona Lace Keyhole Back Shift Dress, $20, target.com

  • 5homecomingdress.jpg

    Glamour goddess

    This luxe, sequined dress is a perfect fit for a dramatic personality, but it wouldn’t be complete without a killer pair of heels, sparkly jewelry and dark eye shadow.


    Sequined Hi-Low Dress, $24, forever21.com

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Sundresses are a great summer staple and can be worn with anything! From a BBQ to the boardwalk, you can don one anywhere. Try one over your bikini as a cute cover-up!

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