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5 cute-for-school cardigans under $25

This fall is all about the cardigan. We love how this wardrobe workhorse can pull together and complete an outfit, or stand on its own as the centerpiece. Whether you prefer striped, dotted or neutral, a cute cardi is always on trend—and with so many ways to wear, perfect for the school day!



  • 1cardi.jpg

    Furry find

    This neutral animal print is adventurous yet demure when done up in grey and black hues. The cropped length is perfect to layer over a thin white tee and jeans, or a little black dress.


    Cherokee Girl’s Cardigan, $17, target.com

  • 2cardi.jpg

    Cut it out

    This chunky button down sweater is totally on trend. The cobalt color and cutout shoulders look great with leggings or a flirty skirt.


    Cutout Craze Cardigan, $25, forever21.com

  • 3cardi.jpg

    Snuggle up

    This black and white cardigan is the perfect layering piece. It can top almost everything and feels like being wrapped in a blanket—in the best possible way.


    Sparkle & Fade Step Hem Cardigan, $20, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 4cardi.jpg

    Hippie cool

    If you’re aiming for the edgy hippie vibe, this is the cardi for you. Toss it on over waxed leggings and a graphic print tank. Ankle boots are a must.


    Fine Knit Cardigan, $13, hm.com

  • 5cardi.jpg

    Flight of fancy

    A sweet bird print adds a dose of whimsy to jeans without screaming for attention, but it’s sure to pick up the compliments.


    Women’s Printed-Boyfriend Cardis, $25, oldnavy.gap.com

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