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12 Homecoming accessories we're drooling over

Adorbs dress? Bought. Charming date? Nabbed. Statement-making accessories? Well, um… If ya got distracted finding the first two, don’t freak. We rounded up the cutest li’l extras—purses, jewelry, shoes—from the season’s hottest trends. To avoid going overboard, mix ‘n’ match from this batch, or pick one and done. Now you’re set!



  • 1mirrormirror.jpg

    Mirror, mirror

    Amp up the shine. We’re talking high-polished metallics that could substitute as a compact mirror. No, we’re not saying stare at your feet the whole night. But with shoes this cute, don’t be surprised if you catch a few jealous looky-loos.


    Patent Leatherette Clutch, $17, forever21.com

    My Delicious Ch9acha Silver Metallic Single Strap High Heels, $23, lulus.com

    Mirrored Hinge Cuff, $11, forever21.com

  • 2studfinder.jpg

    Stud finder

    Sure, you rock your punk wear to school without missing a beat. But there’s no reason why spikes ‘n’ studs shouldn’t make a cameo at Homecoming. Stay girly with a bow clutch or walk on the edgy side with spiked heels. Fab and fierce.


    Studded Bow Clutch, $27, charloetterusse.com

    Leather-Lined Spike Gladiator Heels, $33, forever21.com

    Gold and Black Spike Necklace by John Greed, $16, johngreedjewellery.com

  • 3lacingout.jpg

    Lacing out

    Lacey dresses are a formal staple—no matter the season. But for a touch of femme (and not the whole shebang), take your dose of daintiness with a presh box clutch or filigree earrings.


    Lulu Townsend Lace Box Clutch, $35, dsw.com

    Vicki Lace Heel, $40, delias.com

    Circular Lace Earring – Gold, $8, target.com

  • 4luxeandclear.jpg

    Luxe and clear

    Clear doesn’t mean invisible. That goes double for lucite. Stand out with see-through heels or so-cute arm candy—beside your date, natch.


    Lucite the Way Amber Lucite Clutch, $44, lulus.com

    Qupid Arctic-14 Sandal, $35, dsw.com

    Faceted Lucite Bangle, $13, gojane.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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