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How to tell if he's leading you on



That hottie from study hall has been making moves all school year. Except for the one where he asks you out. Ugh, what gives?! Don’t waste anymore of your time. Here’s how to figure out if he’s leading you on.


1. He sends mixed signals.

Guys are mysteries to begin with. But if your crush is so confusing that he switches from flirty to distant on the reg, he’s messing with your head. Save yourself the headache, and find a guy who isn’t so hot and cold.


2. He gives you the cold shoulder.

You two text up a storm and chat online virtually all night. Back at school is a different story. He flat-out ignores you in front of his friends or barely pretends he knows you in the hallways. Harsh. Take that as definite sign that he’s not the guy for you.


3: He’s a serious flirt.

There’s nice, then there’s flirty. If your crush is the type of guy who can’t get enough attention from the ladies, he may be leading you on. His focus should be on you, not other girls. Who needs that competition?


4: He’s got excuses, excuses....

You guys were thisclose at the beginning of the year. Suddenly, he starts bailing on you and doesn’t answer your calls. When you try to talk to him, he mumbles “I was busy” or “I didn’t have my phone.” Don’t let him pull you along. If he wants to be with you, he’ll be honest. If not, it’s time to move on.



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