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Love your jeans? 3 ways to rock denim head-to-toe

When it comes to year-round versatility, there is nothing better than denim. Denim comes in a million different washes, plus multiple levels of distressing and embellishing to make each pair unique. The truth is, denim is a great way to make a statement. And we love wearing head-to-toe denim to make an even bigger style statement! Got guts to go all out jean? Keep reading for 3 fierce outfit ideas…



  • 1denim.jpg

    Flirty ‘n’ girly

    Go ultra girly with your denim. Nothing says flirtatious like a cute denim circle skirt paired with a classic jean jacket. Mixing and matching different shades will give your look a chic, runway inspired vibe. Tie the whole outfit together with two-tone denim wedges and sparkly bangles.


    Lace-Up Denim Wedges, $22 (on sale!), charlotterusse.com

    Aliso Creek Denim Jacket, $50, hollisterco.com

    Topshop High Waisted Skirt, $41, topshop.com

    NewLook Bangle Set $12, newlook.com

  • 2denim.jpg

    That boho feel

    There is a certain bohemian chic feeling that comes with a full-on denim look. Capture the casual essence of all-denim apparel by rocking an acid wash jacket from with roughed up high-waisted jeans and a denim bustier. Give the look an indie vibe with a printed denim tote bag and lace-up brown combat boots. Cool!


    Denim Cropped Bustier, $25 (on sale!), mango.com

    European Style Jacket, $31, storenvy.com

    High-Waisted Jeans, $36, storenvy.com

    Double Lace Combat Booties, $39, charlotterusse.com

    Jasmine Tote Bag, $36 (on sale!), pacsun.com

  • 3denim.jpg

    Fashion florals

    When rocking all one shade, it’s key to have a focal point in your outfit. Nothing says “look at me” like floral combat boots. Get fabulous with a ‘90s grunge-inspired getup: skinny jeans with a light wash denim shirt; studded backpack and kicky combat boots.


    Chambray Shirt, $30, forever21.com

    Light Wash Skinny Jeans, $35, allyfashion.com

    Denim Back Pack, $30, target.com

    Floral Print Combat Boot, $20, wetseal.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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