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Chic retro hairstyles that are worth a second try

All fashion and beauty inspirations draw from past looks, experimental or not. Fortunately, some looks are forever gone (ahem, mullets), but then there are some styles that, with proper execution, can totally thrive in today’s beauty world once again! Spy our four fave retro ’dos below. 



  • 2retro.jpg

    ’30s: New Hollywood glam

    Blake Lively recreated a signature Old Hollywood style by adding her own touch of volume and more curl, creating a new and improved look complete with a bright red lip.


    1. Create a deep side part and separate the sections. 

    2. Use a 1-inch barrel curling iron to make luscious curls on the side with more hair. 

    3. On the other side, curl all the hair in one motion to create a loose spiral. 

    4. Use as much hairspray or gel as needed to perfectly slick back the side with less hair to create the glam look.

  • 1retro.jpg

    ’60s: Beehive beauty

    Once upon a time, girls in the pre-hippie ’60s would tease their hair and pile it all on top of their heads in a shape resembling a beehive. Here’s how to reenact the classic with a modern twist á la Selena Gomez:


    1. To add some texture to your hair, wash your locks at night and sleep in braids. 

    2. Gather about 4 inches of your hair from your crown and tease.

    3. Gently comb over and secure with as many bobby pins as needed. Done! 

  • 4retro.jpg

    ’70s: How high can you go?

    Ponytails have been making a serious comeback. With all fame surrounding the versatile hair hold, celebs like Demi Lovato have taken it upon themselves to bring back what was lost—the high ponytail. Pushed a little further back and sleeker than ever, you can work this easy look, too!


    1. Straighten your hair to make it as slick and sleek as possible.

    2. Comb through to make sure there are no knots.

    3. Flip your head upside down, gather all the hair to a center spot near the very top of the back of your head.

    4. Once you have gathered all the hair, tie together with a strong elastic (or two!).

    5. Want to go even more retro? Tie a cute scarf or a bright ribbon around the base of the pony. 

  • 3retro.jpg

    ’80s: Crimp crazed

    Remember when you were bitty and would braid tiny sections of your hair before bed so when you woke up, it would be super crimped? Well as much as we loved waking up to the frizzies, we have a more grown-up approach to the retro crimping fad. You know those curling wands you see everywhere but too scared to try out? Well those 1/2” curling wands create the perfect, tight and controlled wave to rock a modern crimp like Kylie Jenner.


    1. Heat up the curling wand and treat hair with a curling mousse. 

    2. Part your hair as preferred then separate into small sections.

    3. Wrap each section around the wand using the same direction each time to create the illusion of crimping.

    4. Finish with hairspray to keep the hold.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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