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Expect mystery in Andi Unexpected



Need a li’l more mystery in your life? Amanda Flower's new book, Andi Unexpected, is your answer. Following tween Andi Boggs on her quest to discover the origins of a hidden family member of the same name, this fresh read keeps you on your toes and enthralled in the adventure to find the truth behind the town's biggest secret.

Andora "Andi" Boggs has just had her life turned around. After the unexpected deaths of both her parents, she and her teenage sister Bethany have been shipped off to rural Killdeer, Ohio to live with their crazy, twenty-something aunt.


Dealing with her diva sister and new home, Andi tries to find solace in the attic, where she makes one startling discovery: She isn’t the first Andora Boggs in her family. Learning about the other Andora who happened to live during the Great Depression era, Andi becomes curious and determined to find out who she was and why she’s been kept a secret all of these years.

When she meets history buff—and neighbor—Colin Carter, Andi brings him in on the investigation. Together, they find that most people aren’t eager to talk about the topic and as they dig more into the mystery, they discover just how complicated the situation is and the scope of people it unexpectedly includes. Just you wait and see who old Andora was and why she was kept hiding. It will surely catch you off guard!

Amanda Flower's witty and intriguing delivery of a young detective trying to uncover the town's greatest mystery will keep you entertained and wanting more. The suspense will bring you on your toes, while the characters will leave you smiling. There is a cool touch of history thrown into the book as well, adding another useful element to this read.


Be sure to check out Andi Unexpected (in stores now), then come back and share your thoughts.


Grab the book here!


What’s one mystery you wish you could solve right now? Share in the comments below.



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BY ALYSON KATZ ON 10/7/2013 12:00:00 AM

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