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6 spooky worlds we wish were real

Whether you’re visiting a haunted house, gearing up for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood or going on a ghost tour, we can bet that there are even cooler spooky places you’d rather be this Halloween season. Hogwarts or Halloweentown? Take your pick. Check out our list of spooky worlds from TV and movies that we totally wish were real.



  • 1spookyworld.jpg


    We’ve been waiting for our Hogwarts letters for years now. Who wouldn’t want to enroll in the world’s most famous wizarding school? Even after its near destruction in J.K. Rowling’s seventh Harry Potter book, we’d be up for bunking up in Hogwarts common rooms.

  • 2spookyworlds.jpg


    Marnie meets all kinds of crazy teens (and monsters) in Halloweentown. We’d love to jump on the bus and join her on her adventures.

  • 3spookyworld.jpg

    The Addams Family’s house

    Although the creepy house on the neighborhood corner is probably haunted, we’d love to step inside this kooky TV family’s home. Cousin It in the basement? Allow us to introduce ourselves!

  • 4spookyworlds.png


    Coventry seems like your typical faraway magical land. Of course we’d want a magical twin sister (or two Twitches a la the 2005 flick) to accompany us there and help ward off danger. 

  • 5spookyworlds.jpg

    Sky High

    High school in the clouds? Sounds super to us. Although this school in the 2005, Sky High hit is full of creepy bullies and a few sad sidekicks, we’d be up for facing evil if it meant getting trained to be a super hero.

  • 6spookyworlds.jpg

    Hocus Pocus

    Although Salem, Massachusetts is a real town (and historic one, at that), we’d love to come across the crazy Sanderson sisters from this ’90s flick—especially since Sarah Jessica Parker is among them.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg



Which world would you love to travel to this Halloween? Share your favorites in the comments below.



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BY CAROLINE CASSARD ON 10/9/2013 12:00:00 PM

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