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Fast forward to your dream life in Six Months Later



Imagine waking up to the perfect life you’ve always dreamed up. The only catch? You have no clue how you got there. That’s exactly what happens to Chloe Spinnaker in Natalie Richard’s Six Months Later. In her junior year of high school, Chloe is an unpopular student with horrible grades. Next thing she knows, it’s six months later and she’s queen bee with a flawless GPA and the hottest BF around. But how did that all happen?


That’s what Chloe’s trying to figure out. She has absolutely no idea how she got this dream life she’s living, which is all but perfect except for the fact that her bestie Maggie will no longer talk to her. What could she have possibly done to betray the girl she was once inseparable with?


Then there’s Chloe’s new love life. As much as she wants to bask in the glory of her jock boyfriend Blake, she can’t help but feel slightly creeped out by him. Her eyes keep wandering to bad-boy Adam. But everyone else wrote Adam off a long time ago and, let’s just say, he wouldn’t exactly help her maintain her newfound status.


While this new life seems fairly idyllic, Chloe can’t seem to ditch the nagging feeling that she needs to find out what happened to her over the last six months. She soon learns that there was a boy from her school, Julien, who also showed similar symptoms and eventually disappeared. Terrified that her fate could be sealed the same way, Chloe turns her focus on the all-important task of remembering it all. She is on a mission to uncover the unknown that changed her life forever.


Natalie Richard’s Six Months Later is an intriguing new book loaded with suspense. The shocking reasons behind Chloe’s transformation will keep you guessing until the very end, culminating in a stunning truth. So what really happened in those six months? You’ll just have to pick up this incredible book (on shelves now!) to find out for yourself.


Grab the book here!


What’s one thing you love about the life you have right now? Share in the comments below.



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