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5 ways to rock a denim vest

Vests aren’t just for the biker chick anymore. Swap out your old cardi for a denim vest and pair it with everything from jeans to a maxi dress, and you’ll look instantly chic, trust.



  • 1denimvest.jpg

    Super studs 

    A studded denim vest adds a little edge to any outfit. Pair it with a stripey maxi and heeled ankle boots to keep it flirty and feminine.


    Spiked Denim Vest, $28, forever21.com

  • 2denimvest.jpg

    Color code

    Dyed, distressed or colorblocked, we love bright colored vests. Match one of these up with a simple white or neutral tone frock and pop out on the streets or in class.


    Colored Denim Vest, $23, forever21.com

  • 3denimvest.jpg

    All American

    The classic denim blue goes with any outfit, so style a blue denim vest with a light floral tank and your everyday jeans for a cute and casual look.


    Light Wash High-Low Vest, $15, delias.com

  • 4denimvest.jpg

    In the mix

    You’ll look like a print-mixing master with a cool colorblocked vest. A go-to for easy success? Striped shirt + patterned skirt.


    On the Road Denim Vest, $34, needsupply.com

  • 5denimvest.jpg

    Black beauty

    Black rinsed denim gets a fresh coat of polish when paired with metallic leather and a collared shirt. Don’t be afraid to dress up this edgy vest for a totally modern take.


    Studded Moto Vest, $22, forever21.com

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