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Beauty Spy: Paige L. goes from natural beauty to bold trendsetter



Check out tips from beauty lover Paige L. GL girl PLecomer is from Connecticut. Though she’s totally comfortable wearing her skin bare, Paige switches it up with a bold lip or shimmery gold eye shadow. She loves to experiment with fun colors that catch her eye! 


Three ways to describe my beauty style: Sporty and Natural, Girl on the go, Love to switch it up

My best beauty tip: It's okay to go without makeup sometimes. Your natural face is just as beautiful.

I wear makeup… When I'm not having a lazy day, and just whenever I feel like putting it on. But, I have this obsession with lip stain that I can't get over. I think it's really cool to have lips that pop in pink, red and even orange! 




Fave lip product: New York Color, NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain 16H in Unstoppable Red, $5, cvs.com

Why I love it: It's fantastic for quick application and running out the door. Also, if you add a lip base before you put this on, it will last all day, and it doesn't smudge at all, yay!




Fave eye product: L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Waterproof Eyeliner in Dark Brown, $10, drugstore.com

Why I love it: It's PERFECT. It's one of my top-notch eyeliners. Getting this will complete your look, and its pointed tip for application is good if you like putting the little flick at the end of your eye (which I'm obsessed with doing).




Fave face coverage product: L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup in Classic Tan N7, $9, wegmans.com

Why I love it: Okay, I love this because I use it as a base for my face. Since it is liquid and a tiny, tiny bit shiny, I use this with a Physician's Formula brand light concealer stick, which completely evens out everything! I definitely recommend this (Also, if you're looking for awesome powder, I recommend CoverGirl's Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Make-Up).




Fave face color product: L’Oreal HIP Matte shadow Duo Eye shadow (also usable for other things) in Striking 907 (shimmery gold/midnight platinum), $8, kmart.com

Why I love it: Oh my goodness, you will fall in love with this the minute you get it. I still cry in happiness while putting it on. Anyways, this is the best thing ever because you can use it with almost anything! I used to dab the gold color on the bottom of my lip, and it really brightens things up once you fade it in. Also, these colors mix with ALL eye shadows. Want to fade from red to gold? Go ahead, it's all possible. Also, if you get the normal brown/yellow duo, you can put the brown in your eyebrows because it adds definition!




Fave tool: Paris Presents Lash & Brow Groomer, $6, walmart.com 

Why I love it: I have problems keeping my eyebrows normal looking, and this is perfect to just re-align and re-shape your eyebrows into perfection.


Wanna be a Beauty Spy? It’s easy! 

Step 1: Fill out this survey.

Step 2: Send in a photo of your gorge self to lovemylook@girlslife.com. Be sure to include ‘Beauty Spy’ in the subject line of your email and send us your name, too! 

Step 3: Check back every week on girlslife.com to see if you’ve been picked for the latest Beauty Spy!



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