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Easy Halloween costumes found in your closet

For Halloween this year, the solution to your long lasting search of finding a costume might be closer than you think. Walk into your closet with a different view of your mom’s bright and patterned dress or last season’s studded pumps. Not only does making your own costume ignite your creativity, but it also saves money. Read on for our fab ideas, below!



  • 1halloweencostume.jpg

    The closet costume: Zombie 

    Take your scissors to a pair of black leggings for a ripped-up zombie look. Worn with a beat-up t-shirt and your bro’s old flannel, you’ll be the walking dead in no time.


    Melange Leggings, $10, hm.com

    BDG Frankie Boyfriend Flannel Shirt, $39, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 2halloweencostume.jpg

    The closet costume: Haute hippie

    Grab your mom’s old bellbottoms or that tie-dye shirt you made at day camp and be instantly hippie chic! Crop the top, wear platform shoes, a flower crown over your forehead and let your hair go natural to complete the look.


    Flower Peace Tee, $20, delias.com

    Large Flower Crown Headwrap, $20, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 3halloweencostume.jpg

    The closet costume: Queen B

    To channel everyone’s favorite singer and dancer, Beyonce, rock one of your leotards from gymnastics or ballet and sneakers. Can’t find yours? Go for anything all black or super shimmery to mimic Queen B’s classic look. Bonus points: rock a crown and a flashy ring on your left hand.


    Cotton Spandex Jersey Short Sleeve T-shirt Leotard, $28, americanapparel.net

    Orelia Exclusive for ASOS Filigree Cabochon Hair Crown, $33, asos.com

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