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What's gonna happen on PLL's Halloween special? Our predictions



Pretty Little Liars is one of the hottest shows on the small screen because of the intense drama, and with their epic Season 4 Halloween special “Grave New World” premiering tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family, GL has been going cray cray with excitement! 


Obviously, there is tonsa sweet stuff that could go down in the episode, but it’s Halloween and that means Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily will be up to their usual tricks (and hopefully score some treats). We’ve rounded up the top three things we would looove to see happen on tonight’s episode. Here’s what they are.


Aria & Ezra are gonna face off

Yea, it’s hard to deny Ezria’s chemistry as of late (that smooch the duo shared in “The Grill” episode? Swoon!). While the two are technically broken off, it’s so obvious they still dig each other. While Ezra was seen looking super suspicious in an “A” lair last episode, we have a feeling he’s finally gonna come clean with Aria about his feelings (and maybe his involvement with the A Team). Either way, fans are crying out for an Ezria reunion and we wanna see ‘em back together…even if Ezra is A.


The girls will reunite with Alison

It’s no secret a certain blonde is back in Rosewood (or should we say she never left?!). Alison DiLaurentis has been bopping around and is starting to leave some clues to her old pals that she may be back. We haven’t technically seen Ali in the flesh yet and the Halloween episode is the perf place to reveal that our fave girl (gasp!) never died. The secrets surrounding Alison are still darker than ever, but knowing her mortality would totes have us screaming with delight.


Mrs. Grenwald will spill more secrets

Mrs. Grenwald appeared in a few episodes last season to help Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily decode secrets about Alison, including one about what happened to her the night of her supposed murder. While Mrs. Grenwald is about as creepy as they come, she def has a ton of info locked up that needs to be spilled. We wanna know more about the sorority house, her connection to Alison and Ravenswood, of course.


All in all tonight’s Pretty Little Liars special episode is bound to be off the hook. Be sure to tune in to ABC Family tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT to see if our predictions are true. Then stick around for the series premiere of the highly-anticipated new spin-off show Ravenswood at 9 p.m. 


Tweet it out: East coasters, be sure to follow along with us @girlslifemag on Twitter during tonight’s episode for our two cents. 


What do you think will happen during Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween special? Share in the comments below. 



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BY ANNIE ROBINSON ON 10/22/2013 10:00:00 AM

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