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Our 5 fave new songs of the week

Need a li’l extra pep in your mid-week step? Take a listen to these tunes we can’t stop listening to this moment. From movie-inspired music to a new spin on all of those love songs, these tunes have a little something for everyone. Enjoy! 


“Sweeter Than Fiction” – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s new single “Sweeter Than Fiction” is in fact, sweet…with a little throwback ’80s vibe mixed in. With fun, romantic lyrics, we can’t help but want to know who T. Swift wrote this song about. Bonus? It will be featured in the upcoming movie One Chance, set to hit theaters Jan. 10. 



“Let It Go” – Demi Lovato

She’s prepping for her upcoming tour, promoting her new album and judging the X Factor. So it’s no wonder we were pleasantly surprised to find out that Demi Lovato has also recorded a new song for the upcoming movie Frozen. Not only are we counting down the days ‘til this new animated Disney flick, this song is amazing because it’s all about letting go of the past and looking towards the future. Preach it, Demi. 



“Tried To Die Young” – Jessica Frech
A music vid that supports bullying prevention is one we can totally get behind.  


“Crush Gone Wrong” – Kady Z

Tired of the same ol’, same ol’ love songs? This one is for the girls who realize they’ve been crushing on the wrong guy.



“Underneath the Tree” – Kelly Clarkson

Already tired of the Halloween craze? Fast-track to the Christmas season by listening to Kelly Clarkson’s new festive tune. The American Idol alum is back at it again with her upcoming Christmas album Wrapped in Red and this catchy new release is bound to put you in the cheery spirit a few months early.



Which new song do you currently love? Share in the comments below.



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