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6 Halloween date ideas for you and your boo



Who says your candy loot is the only sweetness Halloween has to offer? From super scary to totally adorable, there’s enough cuteness to crank up this weekend. Here are six Halloween date ideas you and your BF will heart.


1. Head to a haunted house.

A Halloween classic is a trip to a haunted house. This spooky setting will be the perfect place to get close with your guy as he can comfort you as you move through the frightening rooms. With every terrifying turn, you get to jump into his arms!


2. Go on a hayride.

For a more relaxed date, head over to a farm. There, you can chat it up in the crisp fall air. It’ll be super cute to cuddle up as you ride along. Bring along some hot chocolate or warm apple cider to keep it cozy.


3. Hit up the costume shop.

Go shopping together for some adorable couples costumes. You’ll have fun trying on cute and hilarious outfits that make you the perfect pair. Think: ketchup and mustard, cheerleader and football player, Beauty and the Beast.


4. Carve Jack-o’-Lanterns.

Get crafty with the beau and carve out goofy and scary faces together. For some extra excitement, pick the pumpkins straight from the patch together. You’ll get some bonding time and cute pics posing with the biggest, brightest pumpkins.


5. Have a scary movie night.

Cuddle up on the couch to watch spooky horror flicks. Each of you can pick a movie that neither of you have ever seen before. Turn off the lights to add to the suspense. Don’t forget to hold onto each other during the really scary parts!


6. Decorate your yards.

Help each other put up spooky spider webs, fake tombstones and inflatable ghosts all over each other’s front yards. Look up ideas to make DIY décor, which will give you more hangout time to create creepy decorations.



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