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7 ways to spook up your space in the next 24 hours

Wanna surprise trick-or-treaters? Gotta get ready for a ghoulish gala? There are tons of ways to transform your house from homey to haunted with stuff you’ve got lying around. Here are a handful of our favorite do-‘em-right-now DIYs…


Collect empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls and cut eye-shaped holes in them. Stick them in bushes and near trees and place a glow stick inside once it gets dark. Boom! Instant shrubbery spooks.


Grab a few big black trash bags and use scissors to shred them like streamers, leaving them connected at one end. Use heavy-duty tape to attach them to your porch’s roof to create a mini haunted house.


Stretch cotton “spider webs” across the path to your front door, forcing kids to walk through an icky trick before they get their treat.


Plant a plastic mouse by your front door. Attach is to clear fishing line or string, and sit in the bushes nearby. When kids approach, pull it across the ground quickly to make it seem like real mice or rats have taken up residence.

Cut up clear trash bags or cellophane into smaller, window-sized pieces and drip red paint, food coloring or nail polish on them. Let dry, then tape to your windows to make it look like something really grizzly just happened.


Arrange an old pair of jeans, a stuffed sock and a shoe so that it’s coming out of your jack-o-lantern’s mouth. Watch out for the killer pumpkin, kiddies!


Pour washable red paint into a shallow bowl or painter’s tray and take it outside. Peel off your shoes and socks, dip your feet in, then walk slowly up the driveway and front path, leaving “bloody” footprints behind you.


What’s your favorite way to decorate for Halloween? Tell us in the comments!



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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 10/30/2013 5:58:00 PM


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