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Our 5 fave new music videos of the week

Beginning of the school week has been super busy? Take a break and let your brain relax from all that studying by watching these five new music videos that we heart. From pump-up jams to love songs, this week’s new releases are sure to slap a smile across your face.


“Move” – Little Mix

Our current cover girls are at it again. The gals’ music video for their new single “Move” is full of upbeat music, crazy cool dance moves and amazing outfits. Little Mix is the powerhouse girl group of the moment and we can’t get enough!



“How Long Will I Love You” – Ellie Goulding

Ellie’s new melodic tune is totally sweet and catchy. And the music video is full of cute couple moments that make us laugh and go “aww.”



“To Be Wanted” – Plug In Stereo ft. Megan & Liz

Trevor Dahl, the cutie behind Plug In Stereo, has released yet another guitar-filled song about love that we can’t stop listening to. Featuring YouTube stars-turned-pop singers Megan and Liz, this song—and vid—is sure to help Trevor make his mark on the music world.



“Right There” – Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean

Ariana Grande is on a roll with her hit album Yours Truly. With over three music videos released for the album, “Right There” blows them all out of the water. With an old-school music feel, Ariana takes us back to the Victorian times with beautiful ball gowns and over-the-top hair. Love.



“Unconditionally” – Katy Perry

Have you checked out Katy Perry’s new album Prism yet? If so, this song might ring a bell. The lyric video, which Katy released this week, is raw and powerful, making us eager for a full-on music vid that will hopefully drop soon. 



Which new music video do you love right now? Share in the comments below.



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