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Quiz: Which time period matches your personality? Find out and win a book from the Family Tree series

Every family—and every girl—has an incredible story to tell. That’s what makes Ann M. Martin’s new Family Tree series so interesting—it follows a single family through four generations of love and drama. Check out the second installment, The Long Way Home, below…then take the quiz for your chance to win a copy!

Roots run deep…
Family Tree is a  series from Ann M. Martin (yep, the author of The Baby-sitters Club books!) that explores one family through four generations of girls. We got hooked on this quartet after reading the debut novel, Better to Wish, about Abby Nichols’ ever changing life. Click here to get caught up on Book 1…then read on for more about Book 2, The Long Way Home.

Meet daughter Dana…
The Family Tree series continues with one of Abby’s daughters, Dana, in the much-anticipated second installment. The Long Way Home explores the family from a new character and new time period—and there’s even more love, hardship, heartbreak and drama.

Dana is Abby's daughter—but she’s always been much closer to her father. He's a celebrated New York author who encourages Dana's artistic talents…even if he sometimes drinks too much. Dana is on his side in any argument, regardless of whether he's wrong.  But then he dies. After years of moving with her mother and three siblings, Dana is angry at Abby, and wants nothing more than to leave her family and get back to New York City. She moves in with her young, bohemian aunt Adele, determined to study art, attend school, achieve independence, and avoid all the mistakes her mother made. But can she leave her family and Maine behind?

Take the quiz…and win!
So which time period matches your personality? CLICK HERE to take the quiz and find out if you’re a pretty patriot from the 19th century, a fab flapper from the roaring 1920s, an awesome activist from the 1960s or a rad rocker from the 1980s. Then, post your results right here in the comments and you’ll be entered to win a copy of The Long Way Home by Ann M. Martin!

BY GL ON 11/1/2013 11:45:00 AM

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