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Trends we heart: Meow! The cutest ever cat shirts around

What’s with this new cat-inspired fashion trend? Who would have guessed that the day would come when these furry creatures stopped being associated with grandma’s sweaters and started becoming a fashion must have? Find our fave ways to rock the cat’s meow for under $30.



  • 1cat.jpg

    Claws spinnin’

    The key to flaunting feline tops is to keep it simple. Stick to one cat-inspired piece per outfit like this cute kitty muscle tee. Add high-waisted denim and you’re set.


    DJ Kitty Muscle Tee, $14, forever21.com

  • 2cat.jpg

    Only in dreams

    IT EXISTS. The unicorn cat. Who knew?


    Unicorn Kitty Sweatshirt, $20, forever21.com

  • 3cat.jpg

    Major cat-ittude

    Be a little edgy with this cat tee that features a cat living the thug life. #YOLO, right?


    Street Style Kitty Tee, $14, forever21.com

  • 4cat.jpg

    Cat nap

    So simple yet so purrfect. This cat is just too cute not to want to cozy up with all day.


    Embellished Kitty Pullover Sweatshirt, $18, charlotterusse.com

  • 5cat.jpg

    Cool cat

    This cropped cat tee is just too pawsome not to wanna wear it all the time. Rock it with a BF blazer and heels for a meow-worthy party outfit.


    Kitty Cropped Tee, $15, loveculture.com

  • 6cat.jpg

    Fierce and furry

    Gotta hurry up and snatch this perfect cat sweater from Windsor. It’s meow or never! Love it with leopard leggings.


    Black/Ivory Cat Face Sweater, $30, windsorstore.com

  • 7cat.jpg


    Or purrrhaps you prefurrr this cute kitten with glasses instead. Too much?


    Cat With Glasses Tunic Tee, $12, delias.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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