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5 breakfast bites to keep ya going 'til lunch

Having trouble staying awake during your long school day? It might be because you aren’t choosing the right energy boosting foods that your body needs to keep going! Instead of reaching for the waffles or sugary cereal, try some of these breakfast choices that will keep you full and focused throughout the day.


Quinoa-yogurt parfait: Quinoa is a super grain! It is higher in protein than most other grains and can keep your body running at full-speed all day. Mix it with low-fat yogurt, granola, and an array of colorful fruits, and you’re good to go!


Energy-Boosting Smoothie: Fruit is chalk full of vitamins and minerals that can keep you awake and alert. Instead of just eating a big bowl of fruit, make it a little more interesting! Try mixing a banana, a handful of blueberries and strawberries, with ¼ cup of ice, and half a cup of Greek yogurt into a blender. The yogurt will give the smoothie a rich and thick taste and won’t spoil!


Oatmeal and Almond Milk: Oatmeal has always been a long-time favorite breakfast food, but it can get a little boring. Instead of mixing it with regular milk or water, try using almond milk. Almond milk is heart-healthy and is high in vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay energized. Add a few teaspoons of brown sugar and you’re set!


Frozen Monkey Treats: The night before school, cut up a peeled banana into several small pieces. Put the pieces on a plate, cover it with tinfoil and put the plate in the freezer overnight. The next morning, put a small scoop of peanut butter on each piece and make small banana sandwiches. The peanut butter is high in protein and the banana is full of fiber to keep you full until lunch!


Breakfast Wrap: It might seem a bit silly to put the words spinach and yummy in the same sentence but it’s true! A breakfast wrap with spinach, hard-boiled eggs, ripe tomatoes, avocado and feta cheese is just that. This wrap is bursting with flavor and nutrition, and is sure to keep your mind and body going all day.


What’s your go-to breakfast staple?



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BY CAYLA BAKER ON 11/5/2013 11:37:00 AM


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If you oversleep, don’t miss out on breakfast. Spread some peanut butter and honey on whole-wheat toast. It’ll keep you energized until lunch!
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