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6 new authors we heart right now

Thanksgiving break is approaching, which means there will be a much needed breather from school. Finally, time to pick up a book that you won’t be graded on. Sure, it’s always fun to re-read your fave books for the millionth time, but this holiday season, switch things up by trying out a new fab author. Here are six we’re loving (and super thankful for) this minute. 



  • 1BethReekles.jpg

    Beth Reekles

    Beth makes her book debut with the hit novel The Kissing Booth (available now) and the best thing about Beth? She is only 17! She kept believing in herself, which secured her a three-book deal with Random House, not to mention a huge social media following. Can you say girl power?!


    Grab her book here!

  • 2MindyMcGinnis.jpg

    Mindy McGinnis

    Mindy is a fresh new author, making her mark with her novel Not A Drop To Drink. In her dystopian read (which hit shelves this past September) we discover a strong courageous girl who must keep the only access to water safe from harm. This novel is thrilling and sure to keep you turning the page.


    Grab her book here!

  • 3TomMcNeal.jpg

    Tom McNeal

    New author Tom McNeal is making his name known in the teen novel industry with his summer hit Far Far Away. With a relatable main character and fairy tale-like storyline, the book is so good, it secured him as one of the National Book Award finalists. 


    Grab his book here!

  • 4RJPalacio.jpg

    R. J. Palacio

    Gaining national recognition for your first novel is no easy job, but that is exactly what R.J. Palacio did with her novel Wonder. It’s a heartwarming story about the misfit new kid and how he must learn to love himself.


    Grab her book here!

  • 5DemiLovato.jpg

    Demi Lovato

    She can sing, she can dance, she can act…and now she can write. What doesn’t superstar Demi Lovato do? In her upcoming book Staying Strong: 365 Days A Year, Demi writes honestly about her trials of always being in the public eye. The book is set to release Nov 19, so make sure you pick it up just in time for Thanksgiving break.


    Grab her book here!

  • 6GailCarriger.jpg

    Gail Carriger

    This writer is making quite the impression on the YA world with her follow-up novel Curtsies & Conspiracies that just released. Going through school is hard enough—now add training to be a spy. That’s what you get when you read about Sophronia’s adventures of keeping the country safe while still being a proper lady. With laughs and unexpected turns of events, this book will keep your mind off of school. 


    Grab her book here!

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg



Which new author do you love right now? Share in the comments below.



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