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7 reasons we adore our latest cover girl, Willow Shields

Our December/January 2014 cover girl Willow Shields is taking off in the industry and nothing can stop her. With Catching Fire (the super popular sequel to The Hunger Games) hitting theaters Nov. 22, we thought we’d list off the many reasons why we’re currently obsessed with this starlet. Don’t worry, we narrowed it down to seven. 



  • 1PrimKatniss.jpg

    She’s an A-List actor

    It’s not easy going on a set and being part of million-dollar franchise, but Willow doesn’t even break a sweat. She took full control of her character Prim and had us in tears when Prim and Katniss said goodbye in The Hunger Games.

  • 2willow.jpg

    She’s a serious bookworm

    It’s sometimes hard to find many book lovin’ gals out there—especially today. That’s not the case for Willow. Not only does she love starring in books-turned-flicks, she told us she hearts cracking open new books and letting her imagination wander. Want some of her latest picks? Check out GL’s recent interview with the starlet HERE!

  • 3willow.jpg

    She’s got a fierce fashion sense

    From red carpets to interviews, Willow always looks fresh, fabulous and ready to go. We totally love that she goes for clothes with unique patterns and crazy fun colors. We can’t wait to see what she pulls from her closet this coming year.

  • 4willow.jpg

    She’s not fazed by the fame

    If there were a “Most Down to Earth” award, Willow would definitely be in the running. Even though she’s in a mega-hit movie saga, Willow still lives with her fam in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not only that, but her grandma lives across the street! Willow’s cast mates have previously described her as “the sweetest person ever” and we totally agree.

  • 5willow.jpg

    She’s true to herself

    If you picked up our April/May 2012 issue, you probably saw how Willow is totally OK with being herself and she still looks totally fab while making a funny face (no fair!). “You always have to believe in who you are and be true to yourself,” she told us when we first chatted with her. What a great lesson! 

  • 6WillowJen.jpg

    She’s tight with her HG fam

    Being away from your fam for such a long time definitely gets tough—especially when you’re only 13. Thankfully, Willow uses buds like Jennifer Lawrence to help her get through it. You won’t believe the hilarious things she said about her on-screen sis in our latest cover interview (check it out on page 46 of our December/January 2014 issue). 

  • 7willow.jpg

    She’s got some mega determination

    Willow told us she wasn’t positive if she should audition for The Hunger Games at first. Fortunately, she did. Not only did she land the role of Prim, her talent was so apparent, she was basically offered the role on the spot.  

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg



Want a few more reasons we heart Willow? Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes cover shoot video below…



Wanna know about Willow’s friendship with Jennifer, what really happened at her Hunger Games audition and tons of other exclusive info about this amazing rising star? Be sure to check out GL’s December/January 2014 issue, on stands Nov. 19. 


Chat live with Willow! Now’s your chance to ask the Hunger Games starlet a Q. Willow will be chatting with us LIVE this Wednesday, Nov. 20, at 6 p.m. EST on GL’s Facebook wall. CLICK HERE for complete deets.


What do you love most about Willow Shields? Share in the comments below.



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