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Cute & Cheap: Glam sweatshirts to throw on right now



Hey girls, we’ve got good news! Since you loved the cute and cheap sweatshirts in our Dec/Jan issue, we thought we’d give you a few more! Here are some super cool sweatshirts that will not only keep you warm and comfy, but have you lookin’ stylish at school, too.



  • 1sweatshirt.jpg

    Camo cute

    You’ll command attention in this camo pullover. Throw it on with some jeans or yoga pants and impress everyone with your ability to pair style and comfort. At ease!


    Camo Print Hoodie, $52, lulus.com

  • 2sweatshirt.jpg

    Skull candy

    For our edgier girls, try this cool heather blue top with an awesome skull applique. It’ll spike up your look from drab to daring. Pair with bold accessories to complete your look of grunge chic.


    Craft Night Brainstorm Sweatshirt, $43, modcloth.com

  • 3sweatshirt.jpg

    Call me Minnie

    How cute! Check out this adorable grey sweatshirt featuring our fave gal Minnie. Perfect for a fun fall day, you’ll be just as lovely as Ms. Mouse herself in this sweet spotty sweatshirt.


    Disney Minnie Mouse Sweatshirt, $20, kohls.com

  • 4sweatshirt.jpg

    Queen of cats

    We know you girlies love your cats! This sweatshirt will PAWsitively show off both your kitty love and sense of style. Get your hands on this meow!


    Young & Reckless Queen Purr Crew Fleece, $40, pacsun.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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