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Guys and girls can just be friends. These books prove it!

Have you ever wanted to be BFFs with that super sweet guy? Always been considered “one of the boys”? Having best guy friends can be tricky, but we love them. Not only that, but it can work. We put together a list of our fave books that tell stories of best friends who are girls and guys…and nothing is weird about their friendship. Check them out and tell us what you think. 



  • 1ClaudiaandDuffy.jpg

    Claudia and Duffy by Barbara Brooks Wallace

    Claudia is growing up and wants to leave her younger best guy friend Duffy behind. This story is all about how relationships evolve as you get older and the importance of a guy-girl friendship. We heart it!


    Grab the book here!

  • 2BridgetoTerabithia.jpg

    Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

    This classic novel is all about the story of friendship full of fun and imagination. Jess and Leslie are enemies turned BFFs. We love their guy-girl friendship and how totally normal it is. Warning: make sure you have a tissue ready when reading—it’s a tearjerker.


    Grab the book here!

  • 3ProjectMulberry.jpg

    Project Mulberry by Linda Sue Park

    Read along as Julie and Patrick begin to understand the value of friendship and the importance tolerance and more. This book has a super fun twist, too! In between the chapters are short dialogues between the author and main characters about the writing of the book. Pretty neat.


    Grab the book here!

  • 4Middleworld.jpg

    Middleworld (The Jaguar Stones Book #1) by Jon and Pamela Voelkel 

    All Max wants to do is go on a family vacation, but his archeologist parents have other things in mind and he is put into a summer camp. Before he knows it, he is thrust into an adventure of ancient secrets and must befriend a mysterious girl.


    Grab the book here!

  • 5CrookedKindofPerfect.jpg

    A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban

    Zoe has big plans for her future, but when she ends up with an old and outdated piano, she is unsure about whether her dreams of performing in Carnegie Hall will come true. With help from Dad and an unusual boy, Zoe pursues her goal. We love that these friends support each other no matter what.


    Grab the book here!

  • 6Flipped.jpg

    Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

    This totally hilarious book tells the story of friends Bryce and Juli and their discovery towards what their friendship really means. This story is told in two different views, making it a fun read that will have you laughing the whole time.


    Grab the book here!

  • 7Hoot.jpg

    Hoot by Carl Hiaason

    We love the friendship in this classic novel about standing up for what you love. Roy finds an unlikely friendship with Beatrice and a boy named Mullet Fingers when they work together to stop a construction company from destroying the home of hundreds of endangered burrowing owls. It’s a great tale of sticking together.


    Grab the book here!

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg



Which fictional boy/girl friendship do you love the most? Share in the comments below.



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