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5 holiday fashion mistakes to avoid

If you've ever dressed up shinier than a Christmas tree or turned down a last-minute party invitation because you had nothing to wear, you know that the holiday season has way too many chances for fashion mistakes. From overdone party looks to being caught with last year’s dress, there are lots of ways that holiday fashion can catch you at your worst. We’re helping you learn how to avoid five major holiday fashion mistakes and look your prettiest in the new year.


Mistake 1: Wearing Too Much Glitz

Beading, metallic and shimmer are all acceptable (even called for!) during the holiday season, but too much shine can overwhelm anyone. If done right, glitz and glamour can light up your face and highlight your best body parts. And don't forget that sometimes the best glitz appears only in accessories: a beaded clutch or sparkly shoes can go a long way.


Mistake 2: Dressing Uncomfortably

At holiday parties, you are going to be on your feet. Whether you are dancing the night away or standing for hours chatting with your crush, you need shoes that are comfortable enough to enjoy yourself. Find heels that aren’t too high (or go for glittery flats) and make sure they fit. Uncomfortable shoes aren't worth the pain no matter how cute they are.


Mistake 3: Getting Caught With Nothing to Wear

Nothing is worse than being invited to a fabulous party and having nothing to wear. By keeping a few dressy basics in your closet you can always be prepared for last-minute invitations. You can even re-wear the items and make them look totally different by just swapping accessories. Our musts? A striped dress, a cool blazer and a great pair of black jeans will take you far.


Mistake 4: Making It Too Complicated

Instead of trying to match up dressy separates, try a simple black dress this season. Not only is it universally flattering, it will take you to almost any event in style. Just add unique accessories and you're set—no twinsies!


Mistake 5: Being Under or Over Dressed

The sitch: You show up in jeans and everyone else is wearing dresses. You're not alone if you have trouble decoding dress codes. Ask friends or family what they plan on wearing if you’re not too sure what to sport.



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BY JULIE MOSERY ON 11/25/2013 4:00:00 PM

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