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8 funny flicks to help ya bust out of a Thanksgiving food coma

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of the year to be with family, give thanks and, oh yea, eat! After devouring seconds (maybe even thirds) of your mom’s homemade stuffing and delish turkey, it’s time to sit down and relax with the fam. We’ve got the perfect list of movies that will get the whole house chuckling, help you fight through a full belly and maybe burn off a few post-feast calories while you’re at it. 



  • 1Frozen.jpg


    The hugely anticipated new movie hit theaters yesterday and features a new Disney princess named Anna. It’s part musical, which means you are bound to stay alert just so you can sing along. If you’re willing to step away from the couch and head to the theaters, this one’s a must.

  • 2TheGrinch.jpg

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    Thanksgiving dinner’s over, so that means it’s Christmas time, right? Pop in this classic tale to get in the holiday spirit.

  • 3NationalTreasure.jpg

    National Treasure

    This hilarious action-packed flick will have your fam guessing. It’s a fun modern movie with a great historical background that has no shortage of surprising moments to get you laughing.

  • 4LittleRascals.jpg

    The Little Rascals

    What’s better than hilariously adorable little kids standing up for what they believe in? We love the comical moments in the movie and the sweet message it sends.

  • 5MonstersUniversity.jpg

    Monsters University

    The prequel to Monsters Inc is perfect for everyone. Seeing how Mike and Sully came to be friends is totally unexpected, but totally hilarious!

  • 6PrincessDiaries.jpg

    The Princess Diaries

    This classic is a no brainer. It’s loaded with hilariously awkward moments and balanced by heartwarming scenes.

  • 7PercyJackson.jpg

    Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

    Based off the super popular books, this movie has it all. From action to comedy, it’ll have your whole family entertained.

  • 8DiaryofaWimpyKid.jpg

    Diary of a Wimp Kid 3: Dog Days

    When his perfect plan for summer goes out the window, Greg is left with his hilarious imagination. Laugh along with your fam as you see how Greg’s summer turns out be a blast. Then reminisce on your own warm, sunny days.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg



Which flick do you plan on watching after your Thanksgiving feast? Share in the comments below.



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