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Disney XD stars share their favorite holiday memories

The holiday season is here and we couldn’t be more excited! One of the coolest things about this time of year when it comes to our fave TV shows is watching all of the holiday-themed episodes. And this year is no exception. Disney XD’s bound to give us an extra pep in our festive step when it starts rolling out “Winter Wonder What?!” this week, a week-long programming event that features special holiday episodes of hits like Lab Rats and Crash & Bernstein


Before the fun begins tomorrow, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m. ET/PT, why not indulge in an extra holiday treat? We caught up with some of our fave Disney XD stars and had them share some of their best holiday memories to date. Read on to see who adores roasting marshmallows (indoors!)…and who scored a fish-less fish tank one Xmas.  



  • 1KelliBerglund.jpg

    Kelli Berglund (Bree on Lab Rats

    “Growing up, the holidays have always been about family time and spreading the love! Something I enjoy every year is spending Christmas Day with my close family and extended family. It's a treat to have all of us together during such a wonderful time of the year.”

  • 2SpencerBoldman.jpg

    Spencer Boldman (Adam on Lab Rats

    “I got a fish tank one year and was really pumped about it. But, then I realized the store to buy the actual fish for the tank was closed, so I was sad and just sat with a fish-less tank while my brother played video games."

  • 3TyrelJacksonWilliams.jpg
    Tyrel Jackson Williams (Leo on Lab Rats
    “My favorite holiday memory is waking up on Christmas morning and seeing all of the gifts for the kids under the tree and scattered all over the living room.”
  • 4LandryBender.jpg
    Landry Bender (Cleo on Crash & Bernstein)
    “I don't necessarily have one holiday memory that's my favorite. I just love the atmosphere of the lights and the songs and how happy everyone is. I do love how calm and quiet it is on Christmas Eve with just my parents and me. I’m always at peace.”
  • 5ColeJensen.jpg

    Cole Jensen (Wyatt on Crash & Bernstein
    “My favorite holiday memory is roasting marshmallows in our living room fireplace. My sisters and I will have hot chocolate in the dark with only the light of the fire and the Christmas tree lights glowing while we [eat them].”

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg



Be sure to check out Disney XD’s “Winter Wonder What?!” starting tomorrow at 7 p.m. ET/PT, then come back and share your favorite moments.


What’s your best holiday memory to date? Share in the comments below.



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