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How to get over being totally embarrassed by your parents

Mom. Dad. We need to chat. But since you probably A. won’t believe us and B. think it’s incredibly funny that we think you’re the most embarrassing thing ever, let’s just cut to the chase and deal. Here’s how to hang out with your parents in public and get over the fact that they just did [insert latest most OMG-worthy act here].


Give yourself 10 seconds to freak out internally

And seriously, count it down and limit the time, because if you let it be open-ended, you’d pretty much freak out 24/7. The key to staying calm when Mom busts a move in the middle of the food court is to breathe deeply when she turns on the crazy. Even if you’re feeling more like throwing your soft drink at her than joining in, forcing air in and out of your body has a way of soothing your brain. Yes, it’s still ridiculously awkward. But is in the end of the world? No, probably not.


Pick your battles

If we could win every single argument we ever have, that would be pretty awesome. But truth time: The chances of that happening are about the same as your brother not punching your arm super hard the next time he sees a Beetle on your way to school. Instead of putting on your boxing gloves (and adding football pads to your Christmas list), think about the annoying things you can live with, and the ones that really make you upset. Can you stand the way Mom always hugs you when she drops you off, but find it really, really gets to you when she “accidentally” blabs your secrets in front of your sibs? Then it’s time to speak up. Talk to her one-on-one, and instead of getting huffy, be serious about how her actions make you feel.


Join in

OK, there’s fine print here, and it includes things like picking your time and place. Yukking it up over naked baby pics of you and your cousins after your winter choral concert? Yeah, not so much. Wearing matching sweaters when you go get your family portrait taken? Ugh, fine, but you’re so driving to the mall that’s 40 minutes away, just in case. Who knows? When you’re not worried about who might see you, you might just have a teensy bit of fun. Yes, really.



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