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Soups to slurp right this second

Shivering down to your wool-socked feet? Shake of the winter chills with a big ol’ bowl of homemade soup. We have a horde of easy recipes you can make yourself, with just a li’l help from Mom or Dad. Just do yourself a favor and make a big batch. These freeze beautifully. Hello, insta-dinner!



This baby cranks up traditional tomato soup with the addition of seasonal vegetables, legumes and either rice or pasta. We love pouring this Italian-inspired sip in a thermos and toting it to school for a heart-warming lunch on particularly chilly days.

Get the recipe right here

Serve it with: Classic grilled cheese sandwich


Chicken Noodle

The ultimate cold weather classic is made with clear chicken broth, chunks of chicken, fresh carrots and celery, noodles and an assortment of herbs and spices. Make a homemade soup for vegans and vegetarians by using a store-bought vegetable broth and simmering freshly chopped veggies and piles of egg noodles.

Get the recipe right here

Serve it with: Chunky slices of country-style bread


Butternut Squash

There are two ways to make this baby: By pureeing squash with other veggies and spices, or simmering pureed squash on the stove with cream and other gooey goodness. While we love the way cream tastes, it gets heavy (and, uh, not so great for you) awfully quick. Try pureeing the veg and adding a dash of half-and-half or whole milk of necessary.

Get the recipe right here

Serve it with: Parmesan crisps


Classic Chili (and veg chili to boot)

If you need something you can sink your teeth into, than chili should be your cold weather go-to. The great thing about it is it’s entirely customizable, from the meat, beans and veggies you use to the spices and what you serve it with. Get creative (and share your fave recipes with us, culinary rockstars!).

Get the recipes right here

Serve it with: Homemade cornbread



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