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Gorge gifts under $50 for friends & fam

Not sure what to gift your bestie this year? Stumped on what to wrap up for your super fashionable older sis? Sometimes it can be stressful trying to find the perfect gift, so we’re getting started early this year. Check out our ideas on what to snag for your loved ones this holiday season. 



  • 1gorgegift.jpg

    For your coolest cousin:

    These shoes are perfect for the glam girl on the go in your life. She will totally love these gold and pink sneaks that are not only comfortable, but super cute with just jeans and a t-shirt.


    Skechers BOBS Utopia Beverly Blvd in Silver, $50,

  • 2gorgegift.jpg

    For your big sis:

    Your older sister will die of excitement when she unwraps this cozy-cute sweatshirt. Every time she rocks it with her favorite black leggings, boots and a scarf she will think of you. Just be sure not to borrow it without asking, we all know how that goes!


    Victoria’s Secret Boyfriend Crew, $50,

  • 3gorgegifts.jpg

    For your baby bro:

    Can’t think of what to get for your brother this holiday season? If he is constantly playing games on his iPhone or Xbox, this is a perfect gift to catch his attention. Tetris is a game he totally already has on his phone, so why not get him this super cool version you can join in on?!


    Tetris Link Four-Player Game, $36,

  • 4gorgegift.jpg

    For the bestie:

    Imagine the look on your best friend’s face when she opens this perfect gift filled with tons of the year’s best makeup. She is sure to bring it to every girl’s night to come for makeovers and beauty days!


    Sephora Favorites Glitz & Glam, $45,

  • 5gorgegift.jpg

    For your mom:

    Your mom will definitely love this super chic and unique bag that will fit all of the things she manages to get in there while on the go. This bag is perfect to dress up to go to work or throw on with jeans for a shopping day at the mall.


    Conifers Things First Bag, $45,

  • 6gorgegift.jpg

    For dad:

    Your dad will totally love anything from his little angel, but this year get him something a little more special. This book is perfect for any dad: It will melt his heart and remind him of when you were a little girl. Prepare for lots of hugs with this one!


    Vader’s Little Princess book, $15,

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