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Cover up dark circles like they're not even there

Zonked from midterms? Spent from the holiday hustle? Odds are, you can see it in your eyes. Or in many cases, under your eyes. But don’t let that keep you up at night—that’s only makes it worse! For mild to seriously stubborn circles, read on for our tried ‘n’ true tips. 
  • 1UEmask.jpg

    Rest up.

    This is an obvious one. But if ya need help falling asleep, unplug earlier, listen a soothing playlist or sport an eye mask to keep out the light. Better yet, snooze in one with the sleepyhead’s official morning motto.


    Editor’s Tip: Cut back on caffeine past noon. Yup, even soda!


    Embroidered Eye Mask, $10, etsy.com


  • 2UEwater.jpg

    Drink up.

    Hydration is key for health and beauty. Ya know how your skin gets really dry and thin after taking in too much salt and not enough water? That also takes a toll under your eyes, too. Sip on 8 cups a day for glowing skin.


    Editor’s Tip: Take daily vitamins (ideally chockfull of A, E, K and iron) to reduce the darkness.

  • 3UEspray.jpg

    Stock up.

    Stock up before you get stuffed up. Anti-histamines and saline spray are your best friends when allergy season hits.


    Editor’s Tip: If you have indoor allergies (think: dust, mold), wash your sheets in hot water to kill the dust mites.


    Simply Saline Sterile Spray, $8, drugstore.com

  • 4genetics.jpg

    And if that stuff isn’t working…

    We’ve got some bad news: it’s likely genetic. Your skin is naturally thinner under the eyes, making the violet-tinted capillaries that much more noticeable. But don’t worry! We’ve got these makeup tricks to light up your eyes. 

  • 5UEconcealer.jpg

    Find the perfect concealer.

    Meet your best friend in makeup form: concealer. To find the right one, first, make sure it’s thick and creamy. None of that sheer nonsense—it won’t work. Second, no matter your skintone, always pick a yellow-based concealer. Why yellow? It cancels out the purple veins since they’re sitting across from each other on the color wheel. Yup, it pays to pay attention in art class.


    Editor’s Tip: Save this step for last—that way no eye shadow or eyeliner falls or smears on the concealer.


    Sonia Kashuk® All Covered Up Concealer, $10, target.com


  • 6UEconcealer.jpg

    Get full coverage.

    Now that you’ve got the concealer, all you gotta do is swipe it on your circles and you’re done, right? Guess again! The real deal is applying it in a triangle shape under the eye, just like the model in that photo. It makes it easier to blend to the rest of your skin while hightlighting your cheekbones for better definition. Win-win.


    Editor’s Tip: No eye shadow primer? No problem. Apply concealer to your lids. It covers any purpleness up top and sets the eye shadow.

  • 7UEliner.jpg

    Ease up on the bottom lash eyeliner.

    Heavy liner on the bottom makes your lids look droopy. Does that mean you can’t rock a cat-eye look? Of course not! Just keep your lower lashes light and you’ll still look fab.


    e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner, $1, target.com

  • 7UEpurple.jpg

    Be picky with your purples.

    Clearly, we’re trying to get rid of the purple. But it is possible to have this lovely shade on your lids. Simply opt for warmer hues (think: grape, lavender, merlot etc.). Pass on bluish hues that amplify your under eye veins. So no what we’re going for!


    Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow – Legend Lilac, $10, ulta.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY KARMEN FOX ON 12/8/2013 12:00:00 AM

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