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6 ways to chat up that shy cutie--and how to tell if he likes ya back



What is it about shy guys? They’re so darn irresistible yet so infuriating. If you find yourself falling for the quiet guy, don’t give up hope if he’s not chewing your ear off. We’re showing ya ways to crack open his shell—and see if he likes ya back.


1. Talk about something you know he likes.

You wanna catch him in his comfort zone. If you bring up a topic his all-time fave topic, he’ll be more likely to open up and share more. Ask him to school you in classic rock history—and make sure you’re interest (nodding your head, showing your pearly whites—the works). If he’s gabbing about his strong suit, he won’t feel awkward or embarrassed.


2. Boost his self-esteem.

Once you got him chatting about his interests, dole out the compliments. Guys love having their egos boosted. If he’s feeling confident, he’ll be much more likely keep chatting, and find a reason to chat with you again later.


3 Drop obvious hints that you like him.

Chances are he won’t want to risk making a move with you unless he’s positive you’re into him. Most guys are scared of embarrassing themselves—this goes double for shy guys. As you’re dropping hints, if he seems to respond positively and keeps wanting to talk to ya, he’s probably feeling the same way.


4. Send him a text or message on social media.

This way, he’ll have time to think about his responses and won’t feel so pressured to think of the right thing to say on the spot. It’ll take some of the stress of having a fast-paced, in-person conversation away and he’ll be more comfortable. If he starts responding quickly, take that as a good sign that he’s interested.


5. Initiate a hang out.

Ask him out, but not necessarily on a ‘date’ date. Think: a low-pressure study sesh or a laid-back lunch. An actual romantic date could be too intimidating for him, so keep it light and friendly and see where it goes.


6. Laugh.

When he says something even remotely funny, or if he’s just being a cutie, laugh and smile at him to let him know you’re enjoying his company. He needs the positive feedback. Show him he’s keeping you entertained and interested. 



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BY ALYSON KATZ ON 12/14/2013 12:00:00 AM

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