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Feel Good Friday: Meet Karrie Brown, the all-around awesome model with Down syndrome



Karrie Brown’s dream is to be a model. That’s a daunting career move for any 17-year-old to launch. Not for Karrie. And if you think the fact she has Down syndrome was going to hold her back, just wait ‘til you hear how this girl busted barriers with style. 


Sue, her mom, uploaded pics of Karrie’s killer fashion onto Facebook. Just like that, friends were asking where she found such well-fitting and trendy clothes. Simple. Wet Seal, her favorite brand and her dream modeling gig.


Friends encouraged them to start an online campaign to get Wet Seal’s attention. And it worked. Wet Seal said that if her Facebook page reached 10,000 likes by Friday, they’ll make her a model. It soared over 11K a day before that. 


Wet Seal made good on their promise, and then some. Not only did they fly out Karrie and her mom out to California for a professional model shoot, they also set her up with a new wardrobe and paid for her family to go to Disneyland.


And as for the photo shoot, girl nailed it. Check it out:






Now that she’s crossed modeling off her list, Karrie’s got her sights set on bigger goals. She started a non-profit called “Karried Away” to help young adults with disabilities find meaningful work. Oh, and she wants to be a librarian.


We’re sure that’s not all she has her heart set on. And we can’t wait to see what else the future has in store for her.



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BY KARMEN FOX ON 12/13/2013 3:00:00 PM

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