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4 ways to help others in your community have a great holiday

The holidays aren’t just about us. After all, they call it the “season of giving” for a reason, right? Spread the cheer this year with our four go-to ways to make everyone in our communities merry and bright.


#1. Donate to a canned food drive or support a local food bank

If your parents spend a certain amount of money each month or year at your grocery store, they might qualify to pick up a free ham or turkey for the holidays. Why not donate that—or take advantage of store coupons to get a good deal on good food—along with stable canned goods to give others a tasty holiday meal?


#2. Adopt a family or a child

You’ve seen the red net stockings different organizations fill for shelters in your area, and the giving trees in small businesses. Grab a stocking of your own to pack with goodies, pick a child to gift to this year or host an impromptu neighborhood toy drive before Santa Clause comes to town. Donate new and gently used toys and stuffed animals, as well as much-needed winter clothing and blankets, to shelters in your area.


#3. Do a winter closet cleaning

Consider things that others less fortunate than you might not be able to buy that you have aplenty. Things like cozy, clean sheets and gloves and hats. If you’ve outgrown those Batman flannel sheets or have more mittens than you can shake a stick at, find a drive near you that will take them or bring them to a nearby Salvation Army.


#4. Make donations on behalf of your babes

Can’t think of what to give the girl who already has everything? Try giving to someone who could really use it. Search for a charitable organization that does something good for a group that your friend would feel connected with—an animal rescue for the pug lover or an inner city schools group for the wannabe teacher. Donate to them in her name and write out what you did in a sweet holiday card.


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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 12/15/2013 6:30:00 PM


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