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Plan the ultimate NYE party! 8 awesome ideas to make your bash a blast

It doesn’t matter if you’re having five people over or a whole houseful—you still want your party to be the party, the one everyone’s chatting about for weeks afterward. Here are eight ideas you can DIY solo or with your sweeties to make everyone’s New Year’s Eve top notch. Cheers!


Funkify the party hats

Head to a party store and raid their topper selection. Pick up headbands, teeny top hats and standard cone party hats, plus construction paper, feathers and other fun odds and ends. Spend an afternoon creating cool costume pieces for your guests to don when they walk through the door.


Chic up your sparkle

Tinsel and glitter has a time and a place, but for this party, class it up with muted metallics, instead. Grab inexpensive fabric in jewel tones to cover tables, make signs like “Happy New Year” out of poster board and spray paint with a muted bronze color, then string together with twine or ribbon for a cute DIY banner you can reuse for years to come.


Transform your space

With your parents’ permission, give your party space a little makeover. Hang swaths of streamers across the ceiling, put up twinkle lights to change the feel of the room and spread fabric over chairs and tables to give them a special look.


Kick up classic eats

When you head to a party, you don’t want to wonder too much about what you’ll be noshing on—or spend the night starving. And when you’re throwing a party, you don’t wanna spend all night in the kitchen. Pick some favorites—like PB&J—and add a twist to make it unique. Cut those sammies out with your sugar cookie cutters, use different jam and nut butter combos, and you’ve got a winning spread.


Get snap-happy

Photo booths are one of the best party trends we’ve seen, and we just can’t get enough. Set up a well-lit corner with a fun background and lots of props, like mustaches, hipster glasses and kissy lips, on wooden skewers.


Make a wish

Put out a fishbowl, vase or Mason jars with a pile of colored paper strips and markers. Leave instructions for your guests, telling them to write down one of their wishes for 2014. Have them put it in the bowl. You can burn them for luck, seal them in balloons and release them, or read them aloud after midnight.


Build a party playlist

Set up a Spotify playlist that all your party guests can contribute to. If you’re sending out evites, you can include the link on the evite site and encourage your buds to put their favorite songs of 2013 onto the playlist. A mix everyone loves? Perfect-o!


Recruit your besties

Have a friend who’s killer in the kitchen? Ask her to help with dessert. Have a pack of pals who are crazy and don’t care who knows it? Ask them to get the dancing going. Getting people involved will make them want to help you make this party a success—that means it’ll be far less stressful and way more fun.




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