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Bitty fixes to make ya healthier and happier in 2014

There are all sorts of things we can do to make every year better than the last, and they don’t begin and end with losing weight or getting better grades. The secret to making a resolution last is making it little, not big. Instead of setting huge goals that seem unachievable at the get-go, start with some smaller steps. We’re loving the ones below…


So you wanna…eat healthier

Start by eating one healthy meal a day—breakfast, lunch or dinner. Opt for lean proteins (like chicken), healthy fats (like walnuts and almonds), fruits and veggies. Swapping a toaster waffle for an egg in the a.m. or some whole wheat toast with cottage cheese is cinchy. Popping hummus and carrot sticks in your brown bag? No biggie. Swapping mashed potatoes for salad at dinner? Delish.


So you wanna…stick to an exercise routine

Making a workout a habit is the easiest way to do it. Begin with five or ten minutes in the morning before you get ready for school. Do a few sets of crunches, push-ups and jumping jacks to wake up your body and mind. After the first week, you’ll bounce out of bed and be ready to do more.


So you wanna…sleep better at night

Can’t get your brain to turn off when you’re ready to hit the hay? Yep, we feel ya. There are three quick things to try. First, start by winding down a few hours before you turn off the lights. Switching from TV and tablets to books and music will get your brain in a sleepy state of mind. Next, write down a to-do list for the day to come, so you don’t keep running through your must-dos mentally. Finally, turn on a noise machine (or look for a noise machine app on your smartphone or tablet, or switch on a loud fan in your room).


So you wanna…ditch the stress

While it would be great to nix the thing that stresses you out (your math teacher, homework, your messy room), it’s better in the long run to learn how to deal with it. Coping mechanisms will help you get through not just the next 45 minutes of class, but through school, your first job and beyond. Start with deep breathing—in for five seconds, out for five, repeat—and go from there. Phew!


So you wanna…find your happy place

Here’s a big secret: You can make anyplace a happy place, especially now, when a little bit of what makes you happy is always at your finger tips. Give yourself time during the day—even if it’s just five minutes at lunch when you can lose yourself in a book, or ten minutes on the bus while you’re zoning at to your favorite singer—where all you do is something that’s, well, just for you.




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